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Technical consultation

provide solution for the technical questions Technical consultation Provide technical consultation on    – Polymer processing problems    – Stabilization problems     – Pigmentation problems   –  Polymer modification problems   –  Regulatory system advice Provide Training Programme on Polymer Stabilization Technology

One Pack Additives

The solution for all application in Plastics industry M.J. Additive Group are a leading global operating manufacturer offering additive- systems to polymer producers as well as to polymer converters. It is our aim to improve the quality of your products and to increase your productivity. We can reach this by the production of carrier-free additive-systems […]

Polymer Modifier – Pluss Polymer , India

To modify Polymer in term of improve the adhesion , improve mechanical property , improve flowability. Polymer Modifier – Pluss Polymer , India Pluss Polymer has been offered board range of coupling agents , compatibilizers , PP Flow Modifier , PET Chain extender to allow plastics manufacturers of world class quality products to optimize their […]

Biodegradable MB – EcoLogic , USA

Degrade under landfill only Biodegradable MB – EcoLogic , USA It’s a new novel technology. This Biodegradable technology will enable biodegradation of conventional plastic (both Polyolefins and non-polyolefins which including PET , PS , PVC , PA etc..) in biologically active only in landfills and degrade by an-aerobic bacteria. The Biodegradable testing can be proven […]

Specialty MB for Fiber application – Devan , Belgium

Flame Retardant & soft touch property for synthetic fiber Specialty MB for Fiber application – Devan, Belgium If you are looking for Hydrophilicity , Hydrophobicity , Flame Retardant (both halogen and non-halogen) and Soft Touch enhancement in Spinning Synthetic fiber. Devan has provide in MB easy to use and handling. DEVAN is the specialist in […]

Nucleating & Clarifying agent – Trigon , Germany

To enhance rate of crystallization to make polymer more stiff and reduce cycle time of production. Nucleating & Clarifying agent – Trigon , Germany Nucleating agents are widely used to modify the properties of various polymers. It increase the rate of crystallization and make the size of the crystals more smaller and homogeneity , this […]

Full Range of Biocide – Fuji Chemical , Japan

To keep your product hygienic. Full Range of Biocide – Fuji Chemical , Japan Fuji Chemical has broad range of Silver base Anti-Bacteria and also Anti-Fungi. The formation mechanism of antimicrobial agent is The metal Cat ion of silver adsorb cell membrane that is protein component. It is combined to SH-radical that is architectural component. […]

High Concentrate Masterbatch & Microporous Carriers : Evonik ,Germany

Microporous carriers turn liquid into Solids. High Concentrate Masterbatch & Microporous Carrier : Evonik Operations GmbH , Germany Evonik offer the Accurel Systems with the concept of “Turning Liquids into Solids” for Plastic Industry. Accurel products offer an efficient, convenient way to use liquid additives in polymer processing. Available as pelleted super concentrates, Accurel products […]

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