One Pack Additives

The solution for all application in Plastics industry

M.J. Additive Group are a leading global operating manufacturer offering additive- systems to polymer producers as well as to polymer converters. It is our aim to improve the quality of your products and to increase your productivity. We can reach this by the production of carrier-free additive-systems (100 % active ingredient).

We are providing the solution in any application that you are looking for. And some of our solutions are listed in below : 

  – Addiblend™ 
Customer-specific blends and formulations developed together with customers
– Addiclear™ / Addinuc™
Nucleating agents improve clarity, stiffness and productivity
– Addivin™
UV absorber and UV stabilizer for thermoplastics
– Addicling™
Cling agents improve surface adhesive properties of thermoplastic films
 – Addifoam™
    Combination of endothermic foaming agents and further additives
– Addinox™
Antioxidant systems improve life time 
and quality of products and enlarges the application field
 – Addiblock™
Anti Blocking agents for film and sheet applications
– Addilub™
    Additive-systems improve material flow, e.g. reducing the cycle time or better release properties of the final products
 – Addistat™ 
Antistatic agents for thermoplastics 

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