Biodegradable MB – EcoLogic , USA

Degrade under landfill only

Biodegradable MB – EcoLogic , USA

It’s a new novel technology. This Biodegradable technology will enable biodegradation of conventional plastic (both Polyolefins and non-polyolefins which including PET , PS , PVC , PA etc..) in biologically active only in landfills and degrade by an-aerobic bacteria. The Biodegradable testing can be proven under ASTM 5511.It’ll neither be degrade under heat nor light and also not in open environment with aerobic bacteria.

How can a plastic be rendered biodegradable in a landfill?

There are a number of biodegradable plastic products in the marketplace which have test data to reflect the ASTM D5511 test validation of biodegradation. These products range from plastic water bottles to garbage bags to amenities. The additive they use (Eco-One™) is added at approximately 1% during the normal manufacturing process without effecting the strength or clarity of the products. If the product was recyclable to begin with, it remains so. If placed in a landfill, the products will biodegrade.

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